Month: February 2017

How Environmental Racism Applies To The Caribbean Region

Environmental racism refers to marginalized communities being disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards compared to communities that are not marginalized (Source: Wikipedia Search). First world countries subject the Caribbean region to environmental racism through environmental destruction and notably in St. Lucia via resort tourism and cruise ships. Foreign news sources confirm the environmental impact of cruise ships as being largely negative; the negative outweighs the benefit that cruise ships can bring to the economy. Despite the fact that resorts and cruise ships are known to cause unchecked environmental destruction (including the destruction of coral reefs) we find foreign investors and government officials all too willing to sell our land under the guise of “development”.
But who does this development really benefit?


Video: | Living Caribbean Lifestyle Channel

Video explaining conscious spending and how I implement it in my life here in the Caribbean. In this video I also discuss how living in the Caribbean makes conscious spending easier for me. If you like this video be sure to LIKE it and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. Click here to go directly to my channel where you can find more helpful videos on business, lifestyle and advice!

A St. Lucian Woman’s Thoughts On Buying Local

Buying local goods is something that I have been trying to work towards more and more since I moved back to St. Lucia. I just wanted to write a casual post about how living in St. Lucia has encouraged me to buy less and how I’m doing with my goals to “buy local” and what’s missing. Moving to St. Lucia, I’ve had to say good-bye to a country where everything is always at your finger tips. I’m at the point where I can’t remember an errand taking fewer than twenty minutes to complete. I’d say that I’ve readjusted, right?


Let Them Have Their Mas!

Whenever carnival season is around the corner, people pretending to be concerned citizens often levy heavy criticisms at revelers. People who choose to abstain from carnival for a variety of reasons feel comfortable launching their criticisms at revelers or would be revelers. Last year, I played mas for the first time. I was hanging out with my boyfriend and a friend of his before the carnival date. When this person found out that we were playing mas, they felt comfortable informing us that they thought it was a “waste of money” (an opinion that was given, but not sought).

Since then, I’ve been wondering for a while: Why do people feel so comfortable critiquing carnival in a way they don’t critique other aspects of our culture?


3 Healing Reminders For Young Black Creatives

High anxiety is one of my biggest individual struggles as an entrepreneur and a writer. I can explain most of these feelings away and remind myself that anxiety is something created from my own mind. I remind myself that what I’m creating is worthwhile. I remind myself of the hard work that I’ve put into my business as a 22-year-old self-sufficient entrepreneur. But no matter how much I remind myself of what I know to be true, anxiety can still creep in. It’s the fear that you’ll never be “successful”. It’s the fear that you’ll never be “recognized”. It’s the fear that whatever you’re building will crumble to the ground if you look away even for a moment. Anxiety is a common motif amongst young black creatives — especially young black women. I see brilliant women every day questioning their worth constantly.

Anxiety is a common motif amongst young black creatives — especially young black women. I see brilliant women every day questioning their worth constantly. I’m not immune to this. This week, I wanted to write about reassurance and how to remind yourself that you don’t need the world to validate you, especially when it’s slated to invalidate you at every turn and diminish your accomplishments.


YouTube Channel | Living Caribbean NEW Video


Here’s my first YouTube video on my brand new channel Living Caribbean. New videos will be published every Saturday! Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay updated. My channel is a business, advice and lifestyle channel all about what it’s like to be a location independent full-time author in the Caribbean.

This video shares some of my tips and tricks for writers on how to stay productive and write as much as you need to write to meet your personal goals.

Enjoy. 🙂