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Why I Hate Resort Tourism | NEW VIDEO!

This week for this blog, instead of writing about resort tourism, I’ve decided to create a video about the subject. Sometimes I can organize my thoughts better on camera, so I hope you find this video both informative and succinct.

Thank you very much for watching and be sure to leave your comments on this blog post or on the video.


Living Caribbean Vlog On Journaling

Check out this soothing, chatty video on how to keep a journal consistently and why it’s so important to tracking your growth and progress over time! I’m enjoying working on my channel, so hopefully, you enjoy watching this. Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoy this video.


Video: Making Difficult Decisions | Living Caribbean Lifestyle Channel

Really wanted to share one of my first videos, this relaxed and chatty YouTube video on making difficult decisions. Many people have come forward and told me this video really allowed them to connect with their self-confidence making choices in life so I hope if you’ve stumbled across this page you really take the time to watch this video and see what it’s all about! I love sharing some of my tips for motivation which is why I started my lifestyle channel Living Caribbean.

Click play and watch, go go go!

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Video: Rant Video On Entrepreneurship | Living Caribbean Lifestyle Channel

Hey guys! Check out this short and quick “rant video” on what I don’t like about most entrepreneurs. If you’re into business, you pretty much know the #tea that entrepreneurship can be very sexist, classist, racist… you name it.

There are some things a girl gets SICK of. But I don’t actually want to be included in that world… I want us regular entrepreneurs to create our own circles to discuss entrepreneurship without that negativity! I’m an entrepreneur in favor of self-care 100%.

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Video: | Living Caribbean Lifestyle Channel

Video explaining conscious spending and how I implement it in my life here in the Caribbean. In this video I also discuss how living in the Caribbean makes conscious spending easier for me. If you like this video be sure to LIKE it and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. Click here to go directly to my channel where you can find more helpful videos on business, lifestyle and advice!