This usually happens to me. After maintaining this blog diligently for months at a time, I inevitably slack off and forget to post on here. I’ve been working hard at my small business recently and I’ve also started a YouTube channel and picked up photography as a hobby. This keeps me busy. All. The. Time. In between juggling all of that, I somehow manage to maintain a near spotless house and spend tons of time reading or perusing home design on Pinterest.

In reading a book on home design, I came across tips for maintaining a blog that of course led me to think about my poor neglected blog over here. I’ve come to the conclusion that I may have limited my scope too much here and that it’s time for me to expand what subjects I write about. As with everything, consistency over time is of critical importance. But consistency on this blog isn’t all that’s important to me.

I want to maintain a blog in such a way that’s far less emotionally exhausting. While I love reading about feminism, history and critical race theory (I don’t love reading about economics so I didn’t include it), it can grow exhausting to regurgitate these subjects repeatedly. What’s the end game for me as a writer?

Without a clear end goal in sight, it’s difficult for me to come up with a weekly piece exploring something new to critique each week. A blog should also contain an aspect of the personal which is also difficult for me to come up with each week and integrate into my blog posts. Again, with my subject matter, this becomes difficult.

To challenge myself to not only maintain this blog but to keep it interesting and fresh, I’ve decided to open up my topics of discussion and challenge myself to write 5 blog posts a week. That’s right — I’m going to go “reverse cold turkey” and challenge myself to write every weekday starting on Monday (June 26 2017).

Stay tuned for a short post on Sunday where I’ll delineate post-themes so my readers can know what to expect each day. Thank you so much for reading this post and for being patient with me during my loonggg blog-vacations.

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