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Happy New Year dear readers! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I was on vacation for a part of the past month or so, and then I spent a lot of time re-assessing my business (not my blog, but my primary source of income). As such, I neglected this blog, despite my desire to maintain a consistent posting schedule.

I’m considering alternating posts between social analysis and “lifestyle” posts about what it’s been like living as a young self-employed person in the Caribbean. Both subjects are interesting to me, and I want to expand a bit of this blog’s “brand” too.

On New Year’s Day, I carved out an hour or so to set my goals for the New Year, and in light of my decision to include lifestyle posts as a part of this blog, I’ll share my goal setting “technique” with you. This technique is a modified version of the goal-setting technique I found in “Smart Women Finish Rich” by David Bach.

Ever since I started my business around February 2015, I’ve been working on setting more effective goals so that I can keep myself motivated to work every day. Without that external motivation of a boss or the threat of getting fired, I need to find some way to ensure I hit objectives and continue to make an income. Goal setting does that for me. It also gives me something to look forward to, something to work towards, and something to accomplish that allows me to feel proud of myself.

So, here’s the method I use to set goals! For 2017, I’ve set FIVE big goals that will hopefully keep me grounded and busy throughout the year. And no, they aren’t all career or financial goals.

For my example, I’ll use a variation of one of my actual goals. Write down each BOLD heading and then fill in next to it with your own comments about your goal.


Specific, Measurable, Provable: This is where you go through and see whether your goal is specific enough, whether you can measure your progress over time and whether you can “prove that it’s possible”. Goals work better when they’re specific!  

– I have a savings account where I can save money and the income to save this amount throughout the year.

Immediate Action: This is where you write immediate action you can take towards that goal

– I’m going to deposit $1000 into my bank account with my next paycheck.

Whom will you share your goals with?: Simple, just write down some people who you can share your goals with who can hold you accountable.

– I will share my goals with my boyfriend and my sister.

What values does this goal help you accomplish: Write down some of your personal values that achieving this goal would help you accomplish

-Financial security, freedom, confidence

What challenges will you face?: Write down the challenges you can predict that may get in the way of you meeting this goal

– Continuing to make the income that will allow me to stick to this plan (I’m self-employed), Self-control issues that may convince me not to save.

Strategies to assist in facing the challenges: Write down strategies you can implement that will allow you to overcome the challenges

– Pay myself first when I get my monthly checks, save whenever I have extra cash, update the accountability spreadsheet I share with my sister, ask my boyfriend for support when I’m feeling my self-control dwindle.

I used this methodology to set goals and I’m interested in encouraging others to set goals. They don’t have to be the toughest goals in the world, but they shouldn’t be so easy you get them done in the first week of the year. Many people believe that goal setting has a lot of benefits, and I agree. However, goal setting is only effective if you set appropriate goals that are really specific!

Please share in the comments below what goals you have for 2017 and how you found this method of goal setting to work out for you. Also, if you have any variations on how you set goals, feel free to share those too.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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