March 11th National Trust Meeting Post: Youth Involvement In Environmentalism

For the first time since I’ve moved back to St. Lucia, I did what I’ve always been meaning to do — get involved. I’ll be honest, it’s been difficult. I don’t live with parents and I support myself 100%. That means since 2015, many details of adulthood have been totally new and 100% my responsibility. Since moving back here, my partner has lost his grandmother as well as his mother. My home has been tainted by the stress of small business ownership as well as grief. Finally, there has been some sign that life has settled down and I leapt at this opportunity to attend a National Trust meeting.


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Environmental Damage Is Not The Sole Responsibility Of The Poor

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Unconsciously, most of us associate environmental destruction as being the responsibility of the poor. Big statement. But it’s true. When we think of ways to cut back on the ways we (West Indians) damage our environment, our focus is nearly always on “education”. Poverty and a lack of education are commonly linked in our collective consciousness. Therefore, when we link “education” as a solution to a problem, we are inadvertently linking that problem to poverty. While this might be helpful for STI reduction or something of that nature, in the case of climate change, it allows our people and our government to turn a blind eye to other problems that have an environmental impact yet fly under the radar.


Video: Making Difficult Decisions | Living Caribbean Lifestyle Channel

Really wanted to share one of my first videos, this relaxed and chatty YouTube video on making difficult decisions. Many people have come forward and told me this video really allowed them to connect with their self-confidence making choices in life so I hope if you’ve stumbled across this page you really take the time to watch this video and see what it’s all about! I love sharing some of my tips for motivation which is why I started my lifestyle channel Living Caribbean.

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Socioeconomic Class And Climate Change

As sea levels continue to rise in the Caribbean, our region will require long-term planning (ha) and forethought about how certain areas are affected and what the government will do to mitigate these effects. In Saint Lucia, particularly vulnerable areas include fishing villages like Dennery and Anse La Raye. The “village center” of nearly every district, including the capital city, Castries sits right at sea level. This means in the future, these areas will be disproportionately affected by the rising sea levels.


Video: Rant Video On Entrepreneurship | Living Caribbean Lifestyle Channel

Hey guys! Check out this short and quick “rant video” on what I don’t like about most entrepreneurs. If you’re into business, you pretty much know the #tea that entrepreneurship can be very sexist, classist, racist… you name it.

There are some things a girl gets SICK of. But I don’t actually want to be included in that world… I want us regular entrepreneurs to create our own circles to discuss entrepreneurship without that negativity! I’m an entrepreneur in favor of self-care 100%.

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How Environmental Racism Applies To The Caribbean Region

Environmental racism refers to marginalized communities being disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards compared to communities that are not marginalized (Source: Wikipedia Search). First world countries subject the Caribbean region to environmental racism through environmental destruction and notably in St. Lucia via resort tourism and cruise ships. Foreign news sources confirm the environmental impact of cruise ships as being largely negative; the negative outweighs the benefit that cruise ships can bring to the economy. Despite the fact that resorts and cruise ships are known to cause unchecked environmental destruction (including the destruction of coral reefs) we find foreign investors and government officials all too willing to sell our land under the guise of “development”.
But who does this development really benefit?


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A St. Lucian Woman’s Thoughts On Buying Local

Buying local goods is something that I have been trying to work towards more and more since I moved back to St. Lucia. I just wanted to write a casual post about how living in St. Lucia has encouraged me to buy less and how I’m doing with my goals to “buy local” and what’s missing. Moving to St. Lucia, I’ve had to say good-bye to a country where everything is always at your finger tips. I’m at the point where I can’t remember an errand taking fewer than twenty minutes to complete. I’d say that I’ve readjusted, right?