I’m going into my third month of being back in Saint Lucia. Carnival is over and everything seems to have died down, especially since my parents are out of the island for the month. Everything around here feels eerily quiet; I’ve had a lot of time to think about various things:

eager to leave the house 😉
  • Work is going well. Even when it feels like it isn’t going, it’s going. I work from home so my days start early (or late) and are often broken up by a healthy sugar free meal. The hardest thing about work so far is the passionate need to leave the house that sets in after my work day. I never realized how quickly a house can become a cage.


  • Eating sugar-free has been easier than ever in Saint Lucia. I’ve always said this to people but now I have the proof. There aren’t that many snack options and unhealthy food comes at a premium compared to healthy food. It’s been a blast and so far I’ve lost well over 10 pounds since May. And that’s without exercise! In fact, I’ve become more sedentary since I work from home.


  • Exercise has just started to come around too. I subscribe to Cassey Ho, founder of POP Pilates. She has these great monthly calendars that guide you through what to do for the month and they are killer! When I got my calendar at the end of July, I knew that I had to get off my butt and start exercising immediately.


  • IMG_0408
    Mercury Beach tickets! Super pink & shiny 🙂

    I do feel like socializing here has been the toughest part. It’s not just that I’ve been decidedly out of the loop for nine years, but that plays a big role in what’s going on. Although… I’ve been trying my best to find ways to reconnect with the world around me. For now, I’ve been making plans to go to Mercury Beach on the 15th and that should be a step into the world of fêteing outside of Carnival that I’ve never taken before.

  • When it comes to writing and thinking about activism… I think things have slowed down for me. I definitely still have a lot to say & I always will. I tend to write when I feel inspired or when I’m hit with a request or two. So I imagine that I will be writing soon. Recently I have been asked to write about non-black people of color in the Caribbean. That’s certainly a subject that I’ve been interested in tackling, but I do feel hesitant because I’m not sure what angle to take or where to begin. But perhaps I will use this subject to resurrect my YouTube channel. Additionally, I have been interested in writing about whiteness in the Caribbean compared to whiteness in the United States. This too has been difficult to pin down.


  • While I’ve branded myself on this blog as a cultural critic, there are definitely things I’m interested in writing about outside of culture & race/feminism/class. Perhaps I will carve out some space for that here and perhaps not.


Just a little snippet of what’s been on my mind. As usual, I invite you to follow/connect with me on Twitter: @unbrushedafro. Warning that it’s NSFW  with unfiltered use of swearing and inappropriate language that you may find offensive.

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