6 Issues Caribbean Feminists Must Address Now

How can we find feminist meaning or significance in our lives as Caribbean women? What would need to change for feminism to be not just a concept, but something that influences our culture as a whole. In the Caribbean, we are accomplished in some of our philosophies towards family, women, work and sexual agency. Unfortunately, our problems do outweigh our accomplishments and it is our responsibility as Caribbean women to recognize these problems and work to the best of our abilities and within our range of these abilities to create change within our region. Of course our issues and problems are probably far more expansive than the ones that I shall list but the list below will encompass what I see as our most glaring and pressing problems.

  • Homophobia and Transphobia; denial of rights and equal treatment of non-cis and non-hetereosexual individuals.

  • Economic disadvantages that women suffer across the Caribbean

  • Poor access to educational resources (which really boils down to education reform)

  • Rape, incest, sexual assault and all forms of sexual violence

  • High levels of domestic violence and improper support groups

  • Problems with alcoholism and addiction (can affect women in a number of ways!)

I may definitely be missing a few and I would encourage anyone reading to add what they think in the comments. I think the major themes of our region's feminist issues are economic disadvantages, high rates of violent behavior and high levels of intolerance (at best and violence at worst) towards non-cissexual and non-heterosexual individuals. We must begin working and taking steps within our communities to educate people of the issues we are facing and to implement solutions that will effectively assist us in improving our different communities and our society.