How Environmental Racism Applies To The Caribbean Region

Environmental racism refers to marginalized communities being disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards compared to communities that are not marginalized (Source: Wikipedia Search). First world countries subject the Caribbean region to environmental racism through environmental destruction and notably in St. Lucia via resort tourism and cruise ships. Foreign news sources confirm the environmental impact of cruise ships as being largely negative; the negative outweighs the benefit that cruise ships can bring to the economy. Despite the fact that resorts and cruise ships are known to cause unchecked environmental destruction (including the destruction of coral reefs) we find foreign investors and government officials all too willing to sell our land under the guise of "development".

But who does this development really benefit?The tourism industry and those who sit at the top -- hoteliers and government officials responsible for giving them permission to destroy our lands -- exploit the Caribbean region in a way few other regions of the world are exploited. The global south receives none of the alleged economic benefits of resorts. In Saint Lucia, hotels receive massive tax breaks and white-collar jobs are typically reserved for foreigners while blue collar jobs (and sometimes "unpaid internships" also known as slave labor) are reserved for our locals. We see no "benefits" but we pretend these small-time temporary positions will save our economy, all the while destroying the natural habitat we need to survive.

The Caribbean region -- being a series of islands -- is also disproportionately affected by global climate change. While we may not be viewing the full effects of climate change yet, climate experts have predicted an increase in hurricanes in our region throughout the next few years. Do many of you remember Hurricane Ivan and the impact in Grenada? What about the earthquake in Haiti? Our region's economy and population simply cannot sustain repeated destruction at the hands of natural disasters. The way we are disproportionately affected by climate change is hardly an accident. Regions heavily populated by people of non-white descent are the main victims of climate destruction due to climate change. But those who cause this large scale ecological destruction remain unscathed (for now) by the impact of their actions. They pollute the globe; we face the consequences.

As I've shown above, this happens on large scales and small. On the large scale, we have the shifting climate which will lead to more natural disasters ravaging our region. On a smaller scale, we have individual investors seeking to destroy coral reefs in exchange for large resorts that have high chances of going out of business and minuscule chances of overhauling our economies.

Discussing environmental racism can be depressing. But really, this just paints a further case for reparations from the nations that built themselves on the backs of our ancestors. We were enslaved (which was not just hard labor but also large scale social and sexual violence) and Europe became rich. When they were through with us, we were granted "independence" where we conveniently pledge allegiance to the Queen while receiving absolutely none of the benefits of citizenship to the U.K. They have a global playground while we struggle to receive adequate health care and education.

In the future, we need to truly become conscious of what it means to rely on "tourism" for our bread and butter when it's clear that it has very little positive impact for the majority of the population of our country. Being subjected to highly abusive conditions in temporary jobs is not going to save us. We need to start thinking about strategies that will and put an end to this exploitation of our soil.