Monday: Thoughts On Deception

My brain is scattered and I’m behind today and I want to treat this blog like a fancy tumblr right now, so buckle up, strap in, and let’s talk about deception…

  • We have all encountered a pathological liar in our lives, but what I have never been able to understand is why do some people choose deception as their primary strategy?

  • How do liars keep track of all their lies when I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday morning?

  • I tend to hate definitive labels that portray certain traits as fixed, including the word “liar”. Has anyone ever met a liar who has changed though?

  • Are the ends of telling a big lie (since of course, yes, all humans do tell small lies), justification enough for the means of deceiving people who are close to you?

  • Out of curiosity, I researched the most common lies and found them uninspiring and lacking the weight of what I consider so be a truly morally harmful lie.

  • Can a lie truly harm no one? I wonder.