Monday: Oops!

I didn’t write a post yesterday and spent most of the day in a negative state of mind. I don’t feel bad about this, I simply recognize that I needed the time to myself, and I have been feeling the pinch of a lot on my plate. I will be traveling soon and I can feel overwhelmed about that, even if I’m accustomed to traveling a few times a year. When my anxiety gets the better of me, I need to learn to RELAX!

Today, I’m excited about the work I’m getting done. Despite the intense heat we’ve been facing here in the Caribbean, I’ve been happy to set about writing all day long. Recently, I’ve been working on a passion project and have made some decisions to change a huge part of the story planning. The whole thought of getting rid of hours of work pains me, but I know what I will replace it with will be so much better.

When working on creative projects, it’s hard to detach, but the longer I spend as a professional writer, the more I’ve come to realize that I need to detach. When I have a bad idea, I need to let it go. When something doesn’t turn out the way I want, it’s okay to adjust and make changes. Creative people can get wrapped up in so many myths about creativity, and we feel like there is one “correct” way to do things. We also behave like there is a “punishment” for getting things wrong. Even seeing a specific result as a punishment can be a problem in itself.

Well, I’m probably rambling on here, so I’ll make a tiny list of some takeaways from the past couple of days when I missed my daily posting and this morning as I muscle through some work.

  • There is no one correct way to be a creator.

  • Nothing that happens as a result of our creative process is a “punishment”

  • No good can come of fear in the creative process.

  • Sometimes we need time to ourselves, and that’s okay!

I hope today I can feel a bit better, but for now, I’m going to be sipping water and staying cool while I write my daily fiction requirement and try y best to enjoy my day.