Saturday: SLUMP ALERT!

I haven’t published a daily blog post since Wednesday and WOW. I’m shocked that I let so much slip my mind but what can I say? Now I’m on vacation, and my laziness has shot up. I have a few days off and I intend to use them well. Here are a few bullet points about what’s been going on in my world these days.

  • I’ve started a new novel project and I’m working deeply in the outlining phase as well as studying relevant works of fiction. This has occupied a lot of my mental space and I’ve become OBSESSED with world-building.

  • The craziest thing about writing slumps is that the last thing you feel like doing is almost always the best thing you can do. Write more! Today, I’ve been feeling agitated and uncomfortable even after my morning meditation. This sucks. A lot. So I’ve decided to apply my anxious energy into this blog and I feel much better. (Here’s my new “long form” post.)

  • My book idea has taken up so much of my time that I’ve barely been reading the past week. It’s shameful! I hope when I travel (which is soon) I get to stock up on some delicious new reads.

  • I’ve been excited to make time for my meditation habit lately because one thing that no one tells you is that the cumulative effect of meditation makes a BIG difference. For example, meditating 20 minutes once a week is so much less effective than meditating 2 minutes every day. I wish I’d known that before because feeling guilty for not doing enough (LOL) meditation has always been a BIG thing for me.

  • I’ve slowed down on my drawing the past couple of days and I’m in a complete shame spiral about it. I know, I know. There are ways to pull myself out of this. Don’t even talk for my photography slump. It’s messing with my head!

  • Unrelated but: WHY on earth do people ask redheads if the “curtain matches the drapes”? What barn were you raised in to think that’s an appropriate question?

  • Today, I’ve been working on a scene weave but went on a long drive. I’m tired now so going to end this post! Sorry!