Tuesday: Solutions To Alcoholism In The Caribbean...

Part IV is going to be short and sweet because as you may have noticed, my inspiration has taken me elsewhere this week and I’ve neglected to write as much as I wanted. On the subject of alcoholism the past few days, I’ve been mulling over some solutions that are practical and enforceable within our small island. Unless we the people and/or the government take these policies in action, we may not see an improvement in alcoholism amongst the young people in our country.

Here are our most practical demands to make a real difference that don’t involve leveraging mediocre-at-best social media count into ineffective “celebrity” based campaigns:

1) Enforce laws regarding legal age you can buy alcohol. There should be consequences for selling alcohol or providing alcohol to minors. No, not jail, but consequences of some kind.

2) Ban alcohol advertising along highways. Clearly, this whole concept represents a conflict of interest.

3) Create community based support groups. Whether faith-based or gender-based, there’s huge potential for this to help.

4) Practice encouraging friends and family members not to drink excessively or drive while drunk.

5) Give teens and young adults in your life space to rely on you if they do make a mistake without being punitive.

6) Take “open container” laws into consideration which dole out consequences for traveling with open liquor containers in a vehicle.

These are some of the most obvious ideas that stand out to me. What do you think?